Session Information

14-Mar, 12:30 - 14:00

Panel Discussion: Does Green Need Blue

Subsea Forum

Join us for an engaging panel session where we will explore the critical intersection between the Green and Blue Economies.

As the world moves towards a low-carbon, socially inclusive, and resource-efficient future, invited experts will debate if it's possible to transition to a sustainable “green” economy without harnessing the immense potential of the Blue Economy, which the World Bank defines as the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, jobs, and ocean ecosystem health.

The panelists will discuss the various sectors of the Blue Economy, including renewable energy, biotechnology, shipping, fishing, tourism, waste management, and more. With a particular focus on the extraction and use of marine non-living resources, the utilization of renewable non-exhaustible natural forces, and indirect contributions to economic activities and environments, the discussions will highlight the need for global cooperation and innovation to balance the needs of different sectors and stakeholders.

As our world faces unprecedented environmental and socio-economic challenges, this panel session offers participants valuable insights and an opportunity to engage in a crucial dialogue about how the Green and Blue Economies can jointly contribute to sustainable development and a better future for all.

Come along and be part of this conversation, as we unearth innovative strategies and collaborative approaches to facilitate the harmonious co-existence and growth of both the Green and Blue Economies.


Neil Gordon, Global Underwater Hub

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