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The AOG Knowledge Forum aims to educate, inspire and inform by bringing specialised industry sectors together to discuss the latest techniques and technology that will enable the industry to overcome both current and future challenges.

This year, the AOG Conference returned with a renewed focus on exploring issues affecting the oil and gas industry in Australia.

We worked with our strategic partners to curate a comprehensive program that included keynote presentations led by industry experts.

Below is the 2018 Conference program. The 2019 program will be available later in the year.




Wednesday 14 March

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) is a generic term for a wide range of analysis techniques used in science, industry, medicine, forensics and art to evaluate the properties of a material, component, system or structure without causing harm. This session will give attendees a brief introduction to the world of NDT and how special techniques can be used in different scenarios of inspection.

Achieving superior asset performance across a mix of assets at various stages of their life cycle, from decades-old through to the state-of-the-art is a critical goal in the oil and gas industry. This session will provide insights on challenges in asset management covering personnel, mobility solutions, innovative techniques, and the age-old issue of getting the basics right.

Following price drops from the 2014 peak, the oil and gas industry is still being challenged to make decisions about how to manage operations in the lower price environment. Capital and operational expenditure are squeezing profits, and all companies are feeling the effects of this extended downturn. Conversely, innovations in operations, process, client and customer relations are also sought to reduce business risk while maintaining quality, safety and maximise returns. So is it better to tighten the purse strings or to increase activity searching for innovation and competitive edge?

While much has been done in recent years to acknowledge, reduce the stigma, and assist those suffering from a mental health illness, less has been done in the proactive prevention space. This session will not only cover how to respond to employees experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency, but also what can be done to prevent psychological and psychiatric injuries through developing a greater understanding of organisational and job-related risk factors, and ways to reduce and manage these risk exposures.

Thursday 15 March

For all the hype, the Internet of Things (IoT) is also very real and will impact the oil and gas sector. Analysis in 2016 suggested that 44% of companies in the sector are already investing in the technology and a further 36% will invest in IoT over the next three to five years. This session will discuss the benefits and challenges and help separate IoT myth from reality.

Faster, cheaper digital technologies are delivering an unprecedented array benefits to the oil and gas sector. And the process of digitising and connecting isn’t slowing down; it’s introducing a whole range of new risks from a variety of known and unknown sources. With that in mind, cybersecurity is not enough. In order to protect assets and infrastructure as well as the people who work within them, the oil and gas sector must become cyber-resilient.

Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) in partnership with the Norwegian Embassy will be hosting two sessions on Digitalisation, Smart Operations and IoT focussing on how to run facilities more effectively, reducing operational and maintenance costs.

This first session will be opened by the The Norwegian Deputy Minister of Oil and Energy, H.E. Ms. Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde. Statoil will then give an overview of their digital roadmap and the Statoil Digital Center of Excellence followed by a series of presentations from Norwegian technology suppliers.

Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) in partnership with the Norwegian Embassy will be hosting two sessions on Digitalisation, Smart Operations and IoT. The second of two sessions will culminate in a panel discussion that will explore topics such as smart operations, collaboration and big data.

Friday 16 March 

Well completion covers the various technologies used to convey hydrocarbons from the formation to the surface. This session provides delegates with an opportunity to hear experts from several leading industry services providers offering their solutions and highlighting case history examples of today’s leading edge well completion technologies demonstrating the current techniques and options available for the modern 21st century well.

Demand for gas in Poland and Central Europe is growing. Poland’s state-owned national gas transmission system operator (TSO) Gaz-System is expanding its operations, and the operator is keen to identify new innovative products, services and technologies from Australia for its upcoming projects. This session will discuss the importance of the Baltic Pipe Project and LNG Terminal in Świnoujście for Poland and other countries in CEE region, its Impact on the Gas Market and Energy Security in the region and the potential for future cooperation with Australian companies.

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