10-11 Mar 2021
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Knowledge Forum 2020

The 2020 Knowledge Forum program addressed the latest techniques and technology from specialised industry sectors, with sessions on marine renewable energy, non-destructive testing, automation and many more.

2020 hosts included The Society for Petroleum Engineers, AINDT, Engineers Australia and RINA. The Knowledge Forum will reflect the current trends and challenges impacting the wider oil and gas industry.

Thanks to our sponsors and supporters.

See below the 2020 agenda. Details on the structure and agenda of the AOG Energy 2021 Conference will be released in early 2021, stay tuned.




Wednesday 11 March

Technical sessions presented by the Society of Petroleum Engineers

- "Chevron ABU Pipeline Digital Twin" - Euan Taylor
- "Subsea 2.0" - James Martin, Front End Study Manager - TechnipFMC
- "A Perspective on Deep Machine Learning in Exploration" - Sean Driver, Digital Coordinator - Chevron
- "Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Field Development" - Andrew Tran, Senior Product Engineer - Schlumberger

- "Unlocking the power of data and serving the frontline" - Andrew Corrigan, Data Manager - Woodside
- "Multilimbed Robotic Platform - Acquiring the unknown and increasing value" - Rick Naude- Nexxis
- "A guide to avoiding the AI Trough of Disillusionment" - Alistair Scott-Farris, General Manager - VROC
- "Robotics - Leveraging our comparative advantage" - Chris Nelson, Manager - Ventures - CSIRO

- "Technology to Unlock Long Subsea Tiebacks" - Zachary Aman, Chevron Woodside Chair in Long Subsea Tiebacks - University of Western Australia
- "Smart slug control and suppression. Case studies and applicability for aging assets" - James Holbeach, Director S&D - Wood
- "Connecting the dots between data science and E&P wisdom" - Michael Simioni, Regional Director APAC/GCC - ENDILA
- "Enrichment of Low Grade Methane into a Pipeline Gas by Adsorption Technologies" - Gang (Kevin) Li, Senior Lecturer - University of Melbourne

- "Mitigating climate change by CO2 geo-sequestration: influence of rock wettability on storage capacity and containment security" - Stefan Iglauer - ECU
- "The prevention of CO2 leakage in the near well-bore environment using silica sol gels and the use of microfluidic devices for phase behaviour visualisation" - Tom Hughes, Senior Lecture - Monash University
- "Emerging Materials for CO2 Removal in Oil and Gas Applications" - Colin Wood, Principal Research Scientist - CSIRO

Thursday 12 March

Technical sessions presented by AINDT & Engineers Australia

- "Inspect - Computed Tomography for NDT of Subsea Pipelines" - Irene Pettigrew, Advanced NDT and Innovation Manager - Sonomatic
- "Process control in LIMS software for Testing laboratories" - Pranay Wadyalkar, Managing Director - Laboratories for Material Advanced Testing Services
- "Advanced RDVI for Inservice Inspection" - Ash Peters, Vertech Group
- "Integration of NDT and robotics" - Jarred Asquith, Senior Solutions Manager - Nexxis

3 different views and an interactive workshop presented - presented by Engineers Australia
- "Explosion Guidelines: Are you following a guideline or a myth?" - Madhat Abdel-jawad, Director, Principal Engineer - Advanced Analysis Australia
Speakers will present case studies of accidents and incidents on how innovations and different approaches to safety are required. They will also discuss safety through challenging the notion that the environments we work in are in fact safe. Setting standards, more rigorous risk assessments and safety plans will also be hot topics in this session.

Friday 13 March 


Technical sessions presented by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects

- "Response Based Design and Classification Society Rules: Evolution Towards Common Basis" - Yuriy Drobyshevski, Principal Consultant - Director - NavTec
- "Digital Twin Reconstruction: from donor hull to FPSO" - Stuart Wales, Principal Engineer - AMOG

- "Purpose designed LNG bunkering vessels (LBV): a 2020 update on characteristics and features" - Jeff Baker, Offshore Business Development Manager Australia - Lloyd's Register
- "A study on design optimization of LNG power system onboard a dual fueled platform supply vessel"
- "Reeled Floating Hose Systems as a Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Jetties for Liquid Terminal Operation" - Holger Kelle, Director - INCITIAS Pty Ltd

- "Development of Offshore Floating Windfarms" - Tim Sawyer, Director & Vice President - Asia and Australia - Flotation Energy plc
- "OpenWindPower - Validation of a structural analysis and design solution for floating offshore wind turbines" - Daniel Veen, Associate Product Manager, MOSES - Bentley Systems

- "Collaboration with Virtual Reality Tools for Offshore Operations" - Ken Goh, General Manager - Knud E Hansen Australia
- "The role of Digital Twins in Oil and Gas Compliance" - Jeff Baker, Offshore Business Development Manager Australia - Lloyd's Register

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