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Discover the latest techniques and technology from specialised industry sectors, with sessions on offshore marine technology, drilling, completions and resevoir management, new energy, non-destructive testing, automation and many more.

Partnering with Lloyd’s Register and Upstream Production Solutions, the AOG Knowledge Forum aims to educate, inspire and inform by bringing specialised industry sectors together to discuss the latest techniques and technology that will enable the industry to overcome both current and future challenges.





Wednesday 13 March

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) is a generic term for a wide range of analysis techniques used in science, industry, medicine, forensics and art to evaluate the properties of a material, component, system or structure without causing harm. This session will give attendees a brief introduction to the world of NDT and how special techniques can be used in different scenarios of inspection.

This session will discuss ways to improve the identification, evaluation and implementation of energy efficiency opportunities on oil and gas projects.

This interactive session will be split into three sections:

1. Presenting the issue
2. Real-time brainstorming and discussion on options for increasing profile of engineers. Audience interaction is welcome during this section to establish and contribute to the conversation
3. Online voting of the most actionable idea and to flesh that out in more detail listing the impact, effort and priority etc. to determine an action plan

Visitors to this session will hear from Norwegian leaders in digital solutions for drilling, completions and well operations.

Thursday 14 March

Optimising operating costs, mitigating risk and improving efficiency has been a well proven strategy that continually demonstrates business viability and success. With concerns about escalating energy demand – the rising costs, reliability and security, not to mention global warming and an objective to reduce carbon emissions; it's an area of large political contention and great public debate. These two presentations on ‘Energy efficiency’ & the utilization of ‘Microgrids’ discusses several methodologies & key engineering developments that will help to address these concerns.

With all the hype about AI and robots taking over from humans, who will end up doing the work, be responsible for the actions and guarantee safety?

Companies invest billions in R&D and the results are visible in the commercial and retail space, but not much in the Industrial Automation space. Is the fear of losing jobs in the Industrial Control and Automation space unwarranted?

As the hydrocarbon industry continues to recover from the recent oil price malaise, we focus on the new techniques and products available to manage rejuvenated assets. This session hosted by SPE WA will present a number of examples on how effective reservoir management has been utilised to minimise cost and maximise value.

New to AOG in 2019, this session will profile some of the most exciting Australian companies in the Drilling & Completions Technology sector.

Friday 15 March 

This conference stream, organised by The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), will provide a forum for interaction of all professionals in the area of offshore structures, naval architecture and marine operations. Presentations from industry experts will reflect on the current and future technologies and will focus on engineering innovation in the changing industry conditions.

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