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Partnering with the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT), Subsea Energy Australia (SEA) and Subsea UK, the AOG Subsea Forum focuses on how the Australian Subsea industry can adjust to the evolving market.


This year, the AOG Conference returned with a renewed focus on exploring issues impacting the oil and gas industry in Australia.

Our Subsea Conference hosts: Society for Underwater Technology (SUT), Subsea Energy Australia (SEA) and Subsea UK, curated a comprehensive program that included keynote presentations led by industry experts.

Submissions for the 2019 Subsea Forum have now closed, however late abstract entries may still be accepted here.

Below is the 2018 Conference program. The 2019 program will be available later in the year.




Wednesday 14 March

The industry downturn has driven a push to lower costs and increase return on investment as companies seek to ride out the storm and position themselves for future growth. While investing in innovation and collaboration may appear to go against the trend of reduced spending, stimulus in this area can lead to noticeable commercial and risk orientated benefits.

Removal of redundant platforms, pipelines and wells has the potential to create significant problems if poorly planned and executed. This session will provide an in-depth look at offshore platform decommissioning, cost-effective surface equipment solutions for casing removal, and will consider the unanswerable question 'what does it mean for a decommissioned pipeline to fail'?

Hosted by three key industry experts with a combined 60 years’ experience in the industry, this session will discuss the current status of the technology, plans for improving predictions, and limits of applicability in the field of flow assurance.

Thursday 15 March

A keynote presentation from Mark Wagstaff, ETC Subsea Team Lead, Chevron Energy Technology Company on 'testing the benefit of standardisation for Chevron's future Australian subsea projects'.

Subsea tie-back distances continue to increase as the oil and gas industry pushes for innovation and cost reductions requiring the development of new hardware solutions This session will highlight some of these technologies including a new type of subsea pump multiphase compressor design.

Covering a wide span of technology and innovations, part one of 'the ins and outs of flowlines and risers' will present findings gathered from ten years of corrosion data correlated to physical examination of a recovered section of CS pipe - an industry first.

Leading on from the earlier session, part two of the 'the ins and outs of flowlines and risers' will examine new types of materials used for in the insulation of flowlines and innovative solutions in riser design and installation.

All design codes have inbuilt conservatism and safety factors to ensure that failures are prevented. With improvements in material technology, analysis capabilities and computer power such as artificial intelligence, better predictions of material lifespan, decreased CAPEX and faster analysis can be achieved.

Friday 16 March

Part one of 'monitoring and inspection' will highlight value adding technologies in subsea asset management related to earthquakes on the North West Shelf, inspection technologies underpinning the integrity assessment of subsea assets and subsea leak detectors.

Following on from the first session, the second part of 'monitoring and inspection' will examine new approaches that are pushing technological boundaries in areas related to subsea inspection, cathodic protection surveys of subsea equipment and cutting-edge advances in autonomous vehicles.

The final session of 'monitoring and inspection' will provide insight from innovative companies on topics such as value-based subsea inspection and ground-breaking methods of remote and autonomous intervention.

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