Future Energy Forum

The Future Energy Forum focuses on enhancing collaboration between operators, contractors and the supply chain to drive a greater understanding of challenges and access to opportunities.

Supported by Western Australian state government and major operates, the Future Energy Forum is the centre of topical discussions around the outlook of the industry, opportunity, decarbonisation, hydrogen, decommissioning, offshore renewables and more.

This carefully curated conference program will run across the full three-days of AOG Energy and is free-to-attend for all visitors.

Official Opening of AOG Energy by Hon Reece Whitby MLA, Minister for Energy; Environment; Climate Action, with keynote presentations by Danny Woodall, Director of Operations at Chevron Australia, and Liz Westcott, Executive Vice President Australian Operations at Woodside Energy.

A Welcome to Country on behalf of the Whadjuk people will be conducted by Barry McGuire, a Balladong Nyungar Man.

MC - John O'Hare, Executive Director, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innnovation

Natural gas plays a critical role powering Australian homes and industry as well as supporting energy security and economic prosperity for the Asia Pacific region more broadly. With Western Australia home to world-leading energy producers and innovative businesses that support them, this session will explore the role of natural gas in the energy transition, the world’s changing energy mix, and the potential impacts on the supply chain as countries and companies pursue net zero goals.

Kathryn Sydney-Smith, Chevron Australia

JOGMEC aims to start an advanced CCS project in 2023 and to start CO2 injection by 2030. This presentation will introduce JOGMEC's initiatives for domestic and international CCS projects, including project development and R&D.

Experts around the world agree that carbon capture and storage (CCS) is essential to lowering global emissions and achieving net zero targets. CCS is an essential technology to help decarbonise existing energy sources and reduce the emissions of hard-to-abate sectors. CCS also plays an important role in the production of low-carbon hydrogen.

According to the Global CCS Institute, carbon storage capacity is scaling. There are 196 commercial CCS facilities globally including 30 in operations, 11 in construction and 153 projects in development. Australia features prominently as home to the world’s largest, Chevron’s Gorgon CCS, which has stored more than 8 million tonnes of CO2 to date. Other Australian and regional projects are expected to become operational in the next few years.

Our panel, featuring leaders involved in CCS operations and at the forefront of technology development, will discuss the path towards meeting emissions targets, the pace, scale and investment required and the regulatory landscape necessary to support this evolving industry. They will also share perspectives on how CCS is maturing and insights on what’s ahead for this promising emissions reduction solution.


Bernadette Cullinane, Deloitte

Join us for key project updates and an insightful exploration of decommissioning landscapes spanning from Australia to the North Sea and beyond. Hear directly from key industry players who will share their perspectives, experiences, and insights on the ongoing activities and future prospects.


Francis Norman, Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA)

Presentation by Rebecca Brown, Director General, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.


Linda Dawson, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

Join Andy Evans, the renowned offshore wind pioneer, futurist, filmmaker, and industry leader in Australian waters, as he guides us through the captivating journey of Western Australia's dynamic wind energy landscape.

From the initial triumphs of onshore wind projects to the boundless horizons of offshore wind and manufacturing possibilities, Andy Evans leads an exhilarating exploration of wind's transformative role in Western Australia's energy transition.

As the mastermind behind the acclaimed film Planet Wind, Andy Evans intertwines cinematic storytelling with the State's pivotal moments in wind energy. He lays out a visionary path and casts a vision for WA’s renewable and wind-powered future.

We are delighted to introduce an esteemed lineup of speakers, each bringing a wealth of experience and invaluable insights to the forefront of wind energy in Western Australia.

The panel brings together a wealth of expertise spanning the realms of international renewable energy, pioneering development initiatives, groundbreaking innovation within the energy sector, critical infrastructure deployment, and a deep reservoir of experience in wind energy and transmission.

These visionaries will foster dynamic discussions, shedding radiant light on the future of wind energy in Western Australia and on the global stage.

Chairperson: Mads Prange Kristiansen, Trade Council of Denmark

Energising Wind – Unveiling Supply Chain Opportunities and Regional Strengths

As we stand at the crossroads of a renewable revolution in wind energy, this session highlights lessons from case studies that illuminate the evolution of supply chains and innovative manufacturing techniques.

Discover how Western Australia can harness its unique regional strengths and diverse workforce in the wind energy sector. By blending global insights with local expertise, we can drive unprecedented advancements in manufacturing and forge a robust, sustainable supply chain for wind energy.

Panel moderator/Chair: Linda Dawson, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

In this session we navigate collaborative policymaking and regulation, steering Western Australia towards a wind-powered future.

Western Australia, with its abundant wind resources and unwavering commitment to renewables, is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the global transition to wind energy. However, the path to harnessing this potential is paved with the complexities of policy formulation and regulatory frameworks.

Chairperson: Linda Dawson, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

This session provides a perspective on the global narrative of offshore wind. It draws from international case studies that illuminate the evolution of supply chains and pioneering manufacturing techniques.

Explore how Western Australia can harness its distinctive regional strengths and diverse workforce, blending global insights with local expertise to chart a course towards unprecedented manufacturing progress and the construction of a resilient offshore wind supply chain.


Damon Sunderland, ARUP

Hear from representatives from industry, government and peak bodies on opportunities and challenges in developing WA’s value-adding battery and critical minerals industries to contribute to global decarbonisation goals.


Shannon O'Rourke, Future Battery Industries CRC

In the ever-evolving landscape of the energy sector, the need for skilled professionals to adapt to new industries and technologies is paramount. Hear from a diverse range of speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities presented by developing and retaining a skilled workforce to transition industry to a new energy future, whilst sustaining the traditional industries that underpin the current energy sector.


Michelle Hoad, North Metro TAFE

Join us for a dynamic panel session starting with an overview of the Safeguard Mechanism and Australia's Carbon Exchange. Industry experts will then discuss different strategies that organisations could consider, who should be involved and and how to drive interest into action.

This enlightening discussion will provide professionals and the public alike with actionable insights to make more sustainable choices that resonate through their value chains. Don't miss this chance to hear from regulators and industry experts on a key topic facing the Australian Energy Industry.

Chairperson: Jeremy Campbell-Wray, Baker Hughes

Hear from government and industry leaders on the role that hydrogen is set to play in the global energy transition.


Katie Cook, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

Join us for a dynamic next generation focused panel with young leaders discussing their experiences and insights in the energy industry, and how as emerging leaders they equip themselves to build resilience and adaptability in an exciting ever-changing industry. This session will inspire the next generation to understand how they too can make a meaningful contribution to society and their industry.

AOG Energy 2024 will be officially closed by Rebecca Brown representing the Western Australian State Government.

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