Engineers Australia: How we can support those entering the industry

Feb 18, 2015

With engineering being as core component across a while range of oil and gas industry skill areas, we asked Engineers Australia how it can support those entering the industry and what can give them an advantage.

What benefits does Engineers Australia provide to those breaking into the industry?

Engineers Australia is the peak representative body for all engineers in Australia, we assess and accredit all engineering degrees offered by domestic universities and administer the Chartered process for Australian engineers.  Our aim is to be the home for engineers of all levels in Australia, regardless of the industry they work in.

Here in WA we have a very active oil and gas group that brings together engineers of all disciplines on a monthly basis to share their experiences and build networks across organisations. We run similar events for most engineering disciplines.

What advice can you offer to those seeking a job in the industry?

Oil and gas is an extremely broad and diverse industry with opportunities for engineers and other allied professionals at all levels, from all different disciplines. Someone looking to join the industry should first try to understand its different facets and aspects, to understand the differences between operators and engineering companies, between the different core technologies and products from exploration, production and downstream processing and onshore and offshore.  Once they have this initial understanding, they should try to work out which areas most excite and interest them and explore opportunities there.

What engineering areas are being sought by the oil and gas sector at the moment?

Like most industries, oil and gas is always looking for talented personnel across the entire workforce. If someone has a real strength and depth of experience in a specialised field there will most likely be an opportunity for them to use those specific skills.

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