10-11 Mar 2021
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Industry Supply Forum

Previously know as the Collaboration Forum, the Industry Supply Forum was renamed in 2020 to reflect the extensive cross industry participation that occurs in the Forum.

The 2020 Industry Supply Forum addressed topics facing Australian oil and gas as the industry moves ForWArd Together, including the LNG Jobs Taskforce, Supply Chain Diversity and Renewables and New Energies, while enhancing collaboration between operators, contractors and the supply chain.

Thanks to our sponsors and supporters. 2020 hosts included Woodside, Chevron, Deloitte, NERA and the Government of Western Australia Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.

See below the 2020 agenda. Details on the structure and agenda of the AOG Energy 2021 Conference will be released in early 2021, stay tuned.







Wednesday 11 March

Day 1 - Driving Opportunity, Generating Confidence through LNG

- "Welcome to Country" - Barry McGuire
- "Opening Address" - Hon Mark McGowan, Premier of Western Australia; Minister for Public Sector Management; State Development, Jobs and Trade; Federal-State Relations"
- "Keynote by Woodside Energy" - Meg O'Neill, Executive Vice President Development - Woodside Energy
- "Keynote by Chevron" - Kory Judd, Director of Operations - Chevron Australia

- "LNG Jobs Taskforce" - Chris Clark, Acting Deputy Director General, Resources and Project Facilitation - Dept. of Jobs, Tourism, Science & Innovation
- "Operator Collaboration" - Mark Little, Integrated Activity Planning Lead - Chevron
- "Oil & Gas Supply Chain Study" - Miranda Taylor, CEO - NERA
- "LNG Operational Supply Opportunities" - Ray Loh, Manager, ICNWA

- "Presentation of 3 case studies to inspire working with Indigenous businesses to build capability and capacity then a panel discussion including Supply Nation and Wirrpanda Foundation."
- "Collards and Chevron: Capability build - from consulting to stationery to vehicle hire" - Kim Collard - Kooya Australia
- "Panel Discussion" - Shane Devitt - Wirrpanda Foundation Business Hub, Rick Downie - Supply Nation
- "Growth of Matera Electrical" - Phillip Matera, Director of Matera Electrical - Matera Electrical Services

Thursday 12 March

Day 2 - Technology & Carbon Reduction

- "The LNG industry’s role in reducing carbon emissions and growing Australian hydrogen exports" - Eric May, Chevron Chair in Gas Processing - UWA
- "Decarbonizing the Marine Industry – the challenges and opportunities" - Sanjay Verma, Director Business Development, LNG & Hybrid Asia - Wartsila
- "Credits, offsets and Carbon Trading in the transition to net-zero emissions" - John Connor, CEO - Carbon Market Institute

- "The Hydrogen Technology Cluster: Preparing for Disruption and Diversification" - Jill Stajduhar, NERA Project Lead: Hydrogen Industry Technology Cluster - NERA
- "Innovating Sustainable Energy Solutions Through Ocean Energy"

As we step over the threshold and embrace the new decade, it is certain that the future will look very different than the past – and the energy industry is no exception.

Despite all the change, challenges, differences of opinion and disruption the energy industry faces, nearly everyone agrees that global energy demand will continue to grow. Key questions must be answered, including, what will fuel the energy future and what will the role of the traditional oil and gas companies will be. These are all subjects of significant debate in the board room, among investors large and small, and across producers and customers around the world.

Adding to the many traditional challenges faced by our industry are significant additional pressures coming from investors and customers for companies to deliver cleaner and more reliable energy to existing and emerging markets globally.

In Australia, we must ensure our industry is future-ready by creating a sustainable ecosystem that will rise to the challenge of meeting the world’s evolving energy requirements.

For insights to this evolution, we looked to Europe and identified three criteria to creating a future-focused, sustainable energy ecosystem:

1.      Creating a strong and interconnected industry through collaboration between operators, suppliers and government

2.      Developing workforce skills that are continuously evolving and adapting to new challenges and that are transferrable across the energy sector

3.      Stimulating innovation to cement Australia’s place as an energy hub for natural gas/LNG, as well as future energies including renewables and hydrogen.

  This dynamic session will deep dive into these three topics and showcase successful case studies from Europe that can be applied to Australia.

Friday 13 March

Day 3 - Future & Innovation

- "Panel Session" - Chaired by Francis Norman, General Manager - Innovation and Strategy - NERA
- "PFAS - Method to Remove and Waste Generation, an International First" - Saasha Callaghan, Chief Drafter & Marketing Manager - OLEOLOGY

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