10-12 Mar 2021
Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast

Thursday 11th March 2021
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre


There is no doubt that diversity and inclusion in the workplace is now considered a C-level issue. Key leaders in Australia’s oil and gas sector were amongst those pushing that message at AOG 2020. This powerful event was an opportunity for the industry to connect, while supporting inclusive and diverse workplaces.

2020 Topic: Bringing your whole self to work

The 2020 AOG Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast explored the merits of bringing our whole selves to work – from individual and organisational perspectives.  The panel of industry specialists shared knowledge and insights around:

  • Recognising that we are all unique and individual – that we have multiple “identities” across work, home and play – and creating environments that respond inclusively.
  • Organisational and personal benefits or disadvantages of advocating for authenticity in the workplace.
  • The tactics that we can use to empower ourselves and our colleagues to feel safe in choosing to bring our whole selves to work?





“It’s inspiring to see diversity and inclusion becoming part of the cultural DNA of so many of our major employers.

Clearly there’s still a long way to go – my chosen profession, for example, MEDIA, among those frequently called upon to better represent the many distinct voices and attitudes in our community. I’d like to think that genuine progress is being made on that front.

More broadly though, my wish for true inclusivity in the workplace comes from a very personal place. As a parent of a child with Autism, I realise he has some challenges ahead but I look forward with increasing confidence to an environment where his unique cognitive abilities will be embraced and nurtured.”

Tim McMillan: MC for Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast 2020.

The idea of “bringing your whole self to work” starts with knowing yourself and your strengths, but this can only be realized when it’s supported by an environment that values diversity and inclusion. As an Italian leading a U.S. company in Asia-Pacific and as a woman who has spent twenty-five years in the oil and gas industry, I can confidently say diversity and inclusion played a huge role in my career. From the day I was first hired to the time I first joined a Company leadership program, I was surrounded by leaders, mentors and peers who helped me understand that being successful wasn’t about fitting into a certain mold. I never felt pressured to behave a certain way and I naturally learned how to be myself in a sea of different opinions, cultures and values. My leaders valued the diversity I brought to the team – the diversity in perspective and in experience – and now I try to do the same for my own team, by building a team that is complementary rather than duplicative. With an inclusive culture, one plus one can create something far greater than two.

– Maria Sferruzza | Senior Vice President for Asia Pacific – Baker Hughes


Kirsty Danby (Chair), Platform Communications

Ayesha Parsons, Santos

Bill Hare, Diversified Communications Australia

Elspeth Jeffery, AMMA

Jamie Henderson, Shell

Jeremy Wray, Baker Hughes

Karen Hook, Diversified Communications Australia

Nicole Hodgson, Chevron

Ryan Arbon, Woodside Energy

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