15-17 Mar 2023
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Speaker Profile

Rachel Audigé

Systematic Inventive Thinking ANZ

Rachel is an engaging facilitator, speaker, mentor and trainer. She harnesses 25 years working internationally in marketing and innovation including 10 years driving an innovation community in Bayer. Since 2015, she has been the Director of Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) Australia and New Zealand and has worked with the likes of Ford, CRRC, Woodside Energy, Bayer and Thales to help them develop more inventive and elegant solutions in design, processes and productivity challenges. Rachel’s sweet spot is to take a different search engine through peoples’ minds so that they can think differently using the resources they have. Because SIT targets our blind spots, it shifts thinking like no other method. Rachel is a guest lecturer on the award-winning Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation program at UTS and mentors researchers in CSIROs innovation programs. She holds an MBA with MBS and a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney.

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