15-17 Mar 2023
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Speaker Profile

Martin Hanton

Tuv Sud

With a background in petrochemicals (at Sasol) and nearly two decades experience of working with hydrogen, Martin joined TUV SUD National Engineering Laboratory in 2018 to spearhead the diversification of the organisation beyond oil and gas. As a result, the organisation is now working on hydrogen and CCS, along with the water industry, and life sciences and healthcare sectors. The focus on hydrogen is how accurate measurement, combined with standards and regulation, is a key enabler of a hydrogen economy.
Dr Hanton holds BSc and PhD degrees in Chemistry from the University of Leicester, and an MBA from the Open University. He is a Chartered Chemist, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and was the recipient of the RSC's 2011 'Young Industrialist' award, in part for his central role in the development and commercialisation of a new commodity chemical process, selective ethylene tetramerisation.

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