15-17 Mar 2023
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Speaker Profile

Kayleigh Hughes

Genesis Energies

Kayleigh has over 12 years’ experience working as an environmental engineer in the oil and gas industry. Kayleigh is the Regional Environment and Decommissioning Engineering Manager at Genesis Energies. Her international decommissioning experience includes developments in the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Brunei and Africa, involving the preparation of BPEO, DOA, DEIA, decommissioning marine license and decommissioning validation studies. Kayleigh currently holds the position of Secretary for the Malaysia Oil and Gas Services Council (MOGSC) Decommissioning Working Group and is a Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Decommissioning Committee Member. Previous publications include SPE 199226 MS Must Haves for Credible Comparative Assessment (Hughes and Jagerroos 2019) and SPE-199188-MS Emerging Decommissioning Trends in South East Asia:- Local Interpretation and Implementation of Recently Updated Legislative Framework and Guidelines (Jagerroos and Hughes 2019).

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