11-13 Mar 2020
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New in 2019, AOG will introduce a focus on New Energy to reflect visitor interest in this growing industry sector. Areas include:

• Remote power generation / micro grids
• Renewables including solar, wind, wave etc
• Battery storage
• Cleaner energy
• Carbon capture and storage
• Alternate fuels
• Energy efficiency

Global energy markets are shifting

The focus on traditional fossil fuels is now transitioning to cleaner, more efficient energy sources. Whilst fossil fuels will undoubtedly remain a key component of the Australian and global energy market place, interest and investment of cleaner energy sources, particularly renewables, is growing at a significant rate.

The adoption of alternate and cleaner energy sources is being widely reflected by industry leaders in not only their operations, but also their branding.

An industry in transition

Traditional oil and gas operators are investing in new energy projects (e.g. Shell and BP’s investment in solar) and incorporating this burgeoning technology into existing projects (e.g. Woodside investigating cutting the amount of gas used for fuel at the Karratha Plant by combining solar panels and batteries with gas generation).

In addition, the oil and gas industry in Australia is adopting cleaner energy sources to power their remote facilities (e.g. Woodside’s Goodwyn Platform lithium battery installation and ENI’s Blacktip Platform – Solar PV integration).

Clearly the energy landscape is changing. AOG will fully embrace and reflect the industries movement towards new and alternative energies in 2019.

Insights from industry leaders

The Collaboration Forum will have a full day dedicated to New Energy, led by our key Forum Partners, NERA, Woodside, Deloitte, Shell, Chevron and the WA Government. The focus of this day will be renewables for power generation for gas processing facilities, remote power generation (LNG and renewables), alternate uses for LNG and hydrogen.

Similarly, both the Subsea (with a focus on offshore renewable energy) and Knowledge Forums will integrate the theme of ‘New Energy’, working with key industry associations and partners to reflect the current trends and challenges impacting the wider oil and gas industry.

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