You say FLNG and shale oil and gas are “What’s Hot”

Nov 10, 2014

Hot new developments shale oil and gas and Floating LNG (FLNG) are the two biggest things on the horizon for the Australian oil and gas sector, according to the views of the AOG Explorer readers.

Responding to our survey on the current state of the local oil and industry, you gave shale oil and gas and FLNG an equal 50% rating as the most exciting developments currently being undertaken in Australia.

Close behind those two developments – which are also helping to reshape the global oil and gas industry – with “frontier” discoveries (with 41.67%) named as the next most important item.

Remarkably, respondents were split right down the middle in their opinion to a separate question on whether they thought the main focus of the Australian oil and gas sector was switching from conventional to unconventional hydrocarbon developments.

However, there was no doubting the majority of feelings of what the biggest issue is facing the Australian oil and gas industry, with the cost of doing business clearly out in front with 91.7% per cent nominating it as their major concern.

Not surprisingly issues seen to be related to that high cost of developing projects in Australia, such as industrial relations (33.33%), red and green tape (8.33%) and domestic gas policy (8.33%), were all considered as problems the local industry continues to fight.

Interestingly a lack of new projects on the horizon was nominated as the second biggest concern, with 58.33% naming it a major issue.

Views on Australia’s importance as a global oil and gas centre were also discussed with 66.67% replying that they believe the country is becoming an increasingly important centre for the international oil and gas industry, while 25% answered neutral, along with only 8.33 negative responses.

Most of you agreed that the oil and gas industry is a fantastic industry to be involved in, as “there is so much yet to discover” and “it’s one of the few global industries”.


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