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Partnering with Woodside, Chevron, Shell, Deloitte, NERA and the Government of Western Australia Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, the AOG Collaboration Forum focuses on enhancing collaboration between operators, contractors and the supply chain to drive a greater understanding of challenges and access to opportunities.

This year, the AOG Conference returned with a renewed focus on exploring issues affecting the oil and gas industry in Australia.

Our committee, comprised of WoodsideShell, ChevronDeloitteNERA and the Government of Western Australia Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.

Below is the 2018 Conference program. The 2019 program will be available later in the year.




Wednesday 14 March

“Opportunities in Operations”

As the construction of a massive wave of greenfield LNG developments across Australia is nearing completion, projects are now embarking upon their critical journey to reliable and competitive operations. This session will provide an overview of factors essential to these project’s success from both operator and contractors.

In the current industry cycle, there has been an increasing need for operators and suppliers to collaborate, innovate and increase productivity in order to drive value across brownfield maintenance. This session will identify areas of operational excellence from a contractors perspective.

Thursday 15 March

“Collaboration in Action”  (NERA Day)

In the first of three sessions, NERA will reset a 10-year plan for transforming the industry, introduce one of Australia’s 50 Most Influential People in digital futures, and host the CEO of the UK’s Oil and Gas Technology Centre who will share innovative solutions from the North Sea that are maximising economic recovery and creating a bright future for the northeast of Scotland as a global technology hub.

Faster adaption and application of technological capabilities, including digital, is the key to stimulating new investment and business and creating a vibrant, resilient and sustainable industry. To do this, operators and large contractors need to access and work with the best talent and knowledge available – talent that can be found in start-ups, SMEs, supply chain companies and the research community. The first of two sessions will share key knowledge and insights from a range of NERA supported collaboration, innovation and technology projects.

Low commodity prices, increasing international competition and a serious decline in productivity have meant the industry has had to drive down costs and find significant efficiencies. The second of two sessions will share key knowledge and insights from a range of NERA supported collaboration, innovation and technology projects.

Friday 16 March

“The Future”

With the recent focus on the massive investment in liquefied natural gas (LNG), it is easy to forget the Australian oil and gas industry is nearly 100 years old and many assets are reaching the end of their producing life. This session will discuss the broad range of opportunities for innovative thinking, new technologies and collaboration during this upcoming decommissioning wave.

Australia’s place in the global oil and gas industry has evolved. We are on the cusp of being the world leader in LNG production and are also addressing domestic energy security. However, change and challenges abound and new horizons of opportunity emerge daily. This session will discuss the multifaceted opportunities related the evolution of new markets and applications and the industry’s response to the rapid advancement of renewables.

From the earliest known oil wells drilled using bamboo sticks in China in 300 AD, to the delivery of the world’s first Floating Liquefied Natural Gas facility, oil and gas workers have continually adapted to technological, political and environmental changes in the industry. This panel session will discuss the dilemmas that the industry faces in building the workforce of the future and how we can harness human potential in this fast-changing era of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and global interconnectivity.

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